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Attendance/Asistencia: 531-299-7896 

Main Office/Oficina Principal: 531-299-2500 
Fax: 531-299-2518

If calling before 7:00 A.M., please dial 531-299-8318.

Si llama antes de las 7:00 am, por favor marque el 531-299-8318.


20 - First Quarter Ends
23 - Second Quarter Begins

2 - Conferences (12:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.)
3 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
22 - No School (Teacher Inservice)
23-24 No School (Thanksgiving Recess)

22 - Second Quarter Ends
25 - Winter Recess Begins

5 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
9 - Third Quarter Begins
15 - No School (Martin Luther King Day)

15 - Conferences
16 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
19 - No School (Presidents' Day)

9 - Third Quarter Ends
12-16 No School (Spring Recess)
19 - Fourth Quarter Begins

13 - No School (Teacher Work Day)

4 - No School (Professional Development)
25 - Fourth Quarter Ends/Last Student Day

4-29 Summer School


George W. Norris Daily Bulletin
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

• Menu for Today: Lunch: Fish Wedge on a Bun or Cheese Bread Sticks or Baked Potato with Smoked Turkey, Broccoli & Cheese Sandwich: Italian Wrap or Sunbutter & Jelly Salad: Chicken Caesar

• Menu for Tomorrow: Breakfast: Colby Cheese Omelet Lunch: Hot Dog or Cheesy Dog on a Bun or Chicken Quesadilla or Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza Sandwich: Turkey & American Salad: Diced Egg & Cheddar

• This week we are focused on Determination. Be determined this week to improve yourself, whether you are learning a difficult concept in class or getting homework done, be determined to improve. We all have dreams, but in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

• Redbird Students: Please help keep the cafeteria an enjoyable and clean environment by doing the following: Walk Quietly to and from the cafeteria, Speak at an inside voice volume and Let adults be in charge. At Norris Middle School it’s never ok to be disruptive and never ok to be hurtful.

• Attention Student Council Members! There will be a meeting after school on Monday, October 23rd in pt. 17. Please make sure you get signed up for the late bus or arrange for a ride to pick you up at 5 pm.

• Thursday, October 19th is RASA and Norris Community Night. Bring your family for a night of fun games and awesome things in your community or just come for the food and prizes! Can’t wait to see you there, it’ll be epic!

• This Week is SPIRIT WEEK!! Show your Redbird Pride! Thursday is “I woke up like this”/Pajama Day and Friday is Norris Redbird Pride Day!

• All music fundraiser forms are due today. Please turn them in to your music teacher today.

• Girls Swim Tryouts are today.

• On Friday, October 20th we will have our first No Place 4 Hate meeting of this year. We will meet in the Cafeteria during Redbird block. Members who already completed their paragraph and who have signed their contract are ready to attend. If you would like to join, please see Mrs. Zermeno in room 111 for details.

Success, Achievement, and Respect
It’s a Redbird Thing

October 19th is our Family Community night from 6-8 P.M.  There will be games and prizes, light supper and excellent community resources coming.  This includes JFON, OPL, Completely kids (family and adult opportunities), InCommon, Griefs Journey, Keep Omaha Beautiful, and MORE!  We are wanting to provide our families with as many beneficial resources as possible and connect them with meeting their needs such as translators, legal assistance, food and provisions as well as general family support. 

Picture Retakes - October 25

Mark your calendar for Parent Teacher Conferences.

Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, November 2, from 12:30-7:30 P.M. Please bring your child with you to conferences as Norris has student led conferences. Student-led conferences are a form of parent-teacher conferences, but with students taking the lead role and guiding their parents through their learning and grades. Students have a script they follow to inform their parents of their grades. Each student will have a folder with self-evaluation sheets from each class with assignments attached to show his or her level of learning. Once that occurs, teachers are available for questions and concerns.

During conferences, there will be a table in the hallway south of the auditorium. Please stop there to pick up your child's report card, and head to either the gym or the cafeteria. The teachers for seventh and eighth grade students along with cooperative arts teachers will be located in the gym. The sixth grade teachers will be in the cafeteria.


Marque su calendario para la junta de padres y maestros.

La junta de padres y maestros dirigida por los estudiantes será el jueves, 2 de noviembre de 12:30 a 7:30 p.m. Por favor traiga a su estudiante con usted a la junta de Norris. Las conferencias de padres y maestros dirigidas por los estudiantes son una forma de que los estudiantes tomen el papel principal y guíen a sus padres a través de lo que han aprendido, a la vez que les muestran sus calificaciones. Los estudiantes cuentan con un guion que siguen para informarles a sus padres sus calificaciones. Cada estudiante tendrá un folder de cada clase con su propia evaluación y con su asignación adjunta para mostrar su nivel de aprendizaje. Una vez que el estudiante haya mostrado el folder a sus padres, los maestros estarán disponibles para contestar cualquier pregunta o preocupación que tengan.

Durante las conferencias, habrá una mesa en el pasillo del lado sur del auditorio. Por favor pare ahí y recoja la boleta de calificaciones de su estudiante y vaya a la cafetería o al gimnasio. Los maestros de sexto grado estarán en la cafetería.


Breakfast is served in the cafeteria 7:00-7:32
Halls open to lockers 7:32

Block 6th 7th 8th
1/2 Block 7:40-9:12 7:40-9:12 7:40-9:06
Redbird Block 9:17-9:46 9:17-9:46 9:11-9:40
3/4 Block 9:51-11:57
9:51-11:20 9:45-11:14
5/6 Block 12:01-1:36 11:25-1:36
7/8 Block 1:41-3:05 1:41-3:05 1:35-3:05


P.E./Music Schedule

Block 1/2 7:40-8:25 8:27-9:12
Block 3/4 9:50-10:30 10:35-11:15
Block 5/6 11:25-12:10 12:12-12:59
Block 7/8 1:35-2:20 2:22-3:05


Norris Middle School is continuing in our renovation. The existing south wing of the building was finished at the start of school. In December, the middle wing above the main office will be ready for classes, and the north wing (nearest to Marinda St.) will begin renovation. Teachers and classroom spaces will be moved at this time. Student schedules will note the new classroom locations when students return in January. The student drop-off and pick-up will continue to be on Marinda St until further notice.

In addition, the new south addition is currently in construction and should be completed in March, 2018. The gym is set to receive new bleachers over winter break, and the new construction outside the old auditorium is well under way.

Students are doing a great job of carrying their backpacks with their belongings as they work without lockers this year. The split passing periods have helped to alleviate congestion in the hallways as well, and we notice very few tardies.

Please don't hesitate to contact the main office at 531-299-2500 if you have any questions!


La renovación en la Escuela Secundaria Norris continúa. La existente sección sur del edificio quedó terminada al comenzar la escuela. En diciembre, la mitad de la sección de arriba de la oficina principal estará lista para las clases, y comenzará la renovación de la sección norte (cerca de la calle Marinda). Los salones de clases y los maestros serán movidos en este momento. Los estudiantes notarán las nuevas ubicaciones de los salones de clases cuando regresen a la escuela en enero. El lugar de dejar y recoger a los estudiantes continuará siendo en la calle Marinda hasta nuevo aviso.

Además, la nueva adición del lado sur está actualmente en construcción y será terminada en marzo del 2018. El gimnasio está listo para recibir las nuevas gradas para el descanso de invierno, y la nueva construcción en el exterior del antiguo auditorio ya está en marcha.

Los estudiantes están haciendo muy buen trabajo en estar llevando sus pertenencias en sus mochilas ya que no tendrán casilleros este año. Los periodos de cambios de clase divididos han ayudado aliviar la congestión en los pasillos, hemos notado menos tardanzas.

Si tiene preguntar, por favor no dude en contactarse a la oficina principal al 531-299-2500.

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Norris School Improvement Plan

George W. Norris Middle School believes that all children can learn.  We promote high expectations, academic excellence and personal growth and responsibility while continually striving for a safe learning environment for students, staff and community.

Success, achievement, respect.  It's a Redbird thing!

Schoolwide Goal: To achieve positive growth in student achievement and school climate for all stakeholders.

Goal Area:
1) English Language Arts
2) Math
3) Science
4) Student and Staff Culture
5) Clear and Compelling Direction
6) Wellness

1. English Language Arts
Focus Skills: Vocabulary and Comprehension
Measurable Objective: Students will apply skills and strategies to be active, purposeful, thoughtful, and competent readers, writers, listeners, and speakers across the content areas as evidenced by multiple data points.

2. Math
Focus Skills: Number Sense
Measurable Objective: Increase the number of students meeting or exceeding MAP growth and proficiency goals by 3% and decrease the achievement gap in subgroups by 3%.

3. Science
Focus Skill: Inquiry
Measurable Objective: Increase the number of students meeting or exceeding MAP growth and proficiency goals by 3% and decrease the achievement gap in subgroups by 3%.

4. Student and Staff Culture
Focus Skill: Positive and Staff Interactions
Measurable Objective: Increase positive student and staff interactions along with instructional time as measured by School Climate Survey, School Referral Data, School BIST data, and Positive Behavior Recognition Data.

5. Clear and Compelling Direction
Focus Skill: Core Beliefs and Values
Measurable Objective: All stakeholders will engage in a systemic and comprehensive process to establish and communicate a shared commitment to core beliefs, core values, vision, and mission to ensure every student success which includes meeting the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of each student.

6. Wellness
Focus Skills: Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Physical Activity
Measurable Objective: Increase nutrition education on a school-wide level as well as incorporate team building and wellness activities on a weekly basis.


School and community events that take place at Norris Middle School can be found on our building calendar.

2017-2018 Bulding Calendar

Please check the Daily Announcements tab for Activities for the Week.

Families and Athletic Spectators

The start time for all OPS Middle School Athletic Events are 3:30 pm. We ask that all parents, families, and friends support their athlete from the bleacher area reserved for spectators. The cost of admission for OPS Middle School contests is $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for school aged children. OPS Sponsored Tournaments are $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for school aged children. Thank you for your support for Redbird Athletics.


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