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Log In Information

All student log-ins follow this formula:

s + the first five letters of the last name + the first letter of the first name + the last three digits of the student ID

If the last name is less than 5 letters, the remaining spaces will be x’s.


Name: John Doe    Student ID: 123456                          

User ID: sdoexxj456                                          


Password: 123456                                   

Need Help?

Call the main office: 531-299-2500

1:1 Technology Help Page


Horario Diario


Información de inicio de session:

Todos los inicios de sesión de los estudiantes siguen esta fórmula:

s + las primeras cinco letras del apellido + la primera letra del nombre + los últimos tres dígitos de la identificación del estudiante.

Si el apellido tiene menos de 5 letras, los espacios restantes serán x.


Name: John Doe    Student ID: 123456                          

User ID: sdoexxj456                                     


Password: 123456                                        

Necesitas ayuda?

Llamar a la oficina: 531-299-2500

1:1 Technology Help Page

Norris students, if you and your family have questions about remote learning or would like to enroll in remote learning, you are welcome to call us at Norris (531-299-2500) and we can help you get set up with remote learning if you would be interested in choosing that for your student. We can help you all this week regarding remote learning.
Estudiantes de Norris, si usted y su familia tienen preguntas sobre el aprendizaje remoto o desean inscribirse en el aprendizaje remoto, pueden llamarnos a Norris (531-299-2500) y podemos ayudarlos a configurar el aprendizaje remoto, si le interesaría elegirlo para su estudiante. Podemos ayudarlo toda esta semana con respecto al aprendizaje remoto.

View the Academic Calendar at the link below. 

*Current* 2020-2021 Academic Calendar


Daily Bell Schedule for all students (in-person and remote) beginning October 5.

Attendance/Asistencia: 531-299-2508

Main Office/Oficina Principal: 531-299-2500 
Fax: 531-299-2518

If calling before 7:00 A.M., please dial 531-299-8318.

Si llama antes de las 7:00 am, por favor marque el 531-299-8318.



Please check the Daily Announcements tab for Activities for the Week.

Health care providers in the state are experiencing changing demands to deal with COVID-19. These changes are causing them to postpone most, if not all, non-essential wellness and maintenance visits. Most of them are planning changes to last until July.

The NSAA SMAC unanimously recommended to the NSAA board that Pre-Participation Physical Examinations (PPE) for the 2019-2020 school year be acceptable for the 2020-2021 seasons. This recommendation would be for a one-year exemption only and would not include incoming freshmen. They continue to recommend that students visit their primary care providers for the PPE.

Families and Athletic Spectators

The start time for all OPS Middle School Athletic Events are 3:30 pm. We ask that all parents, families, and friends support their athlete from the bleacher area reserved for spectators.

The cost of admission for OPS Middle School contests is $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for school aged children. OPS Sponsored Tournaments are $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for school aged children. Thank you for your support for Redbird Athletics.

OPS has instituted the first OPS SAFE Schools Hotline to provide an additional layer of support to our students and families.  

 ·      OPS SAFE Schools Hotline  -  (531) 299-SAFE (7233)

·       Free/Anonymous/Available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

·       Callers will speak with a trained Boys Town National Hotline counselor for help with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, bullying, relationship issues, violence or to report a concern.

This request is to reserve meals from August 31 through September 25. Meals can be picked up from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.  
  • Meals will be picked up only on Monday (for Monday and Tuesday meals) and Wednesday (for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday meals). 
  • Instead of requiring you to pickup meals at your child’s school, you can now select which location you would like for meal pickup. 
    • Pickup time is 10:30 am to 1:00 pm. 
If you are having issues with the survey, you can contact 
If you have questions or concerns about student lunches or the Meals 2 Go pickup, please contact Nutrition Services at 531-299-0230

Norris Parent Group Information/Grupo de padres de Norris Norris Parent Group Info.pdf

Parent Voice Survey: Please provide your feedback when it is convenient. Visit the quick link and choose from the six sections for feedback. Parent Voice Handouts- Final.pdf


Norris Middle School
2235 South 46th Street
Omaha, NE 68106-3399

Phone: (531) 299-2500
Fax: (531) 299-2518



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