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Attendance/Asistencia: 531-299-7896 

Main Office/Oficina Principal: 531-299-2500 
Fax: 531-299-2518

If calling before 7:00 A.M., please dial 531-299-8318.

Si llama antes de las 7:00 am, por favor marque el 531-299-8318.



Breakfast is served in the cafeteria 7:00-7:32
Halls open to lockers 7:32

Block 6th 7th 8th
1/2 Block 7:40-9:12 7:40-9:12 7:40-9:06
Redbird Block 9:17-9:46 9:17-9:46 9:11-9:40
3/4 Block 9:51-11:57
9:51-11:20 9:45-11:14
5/6 Block 12:01-1:36 11:25-1:36
7/8 Block 1:41-3:05 1:41-3:05 1:35-3:05


P.E./Music Schedule

Block 1/2 7:40-8:25 8:27-9:12
Block 3/4 9:50-10:30 10:35-11:15
Block 5/6 11:25-12:10 12:12-12:59
Block 7/8 1:35-2:20 2:22-3:05


George W. Norris
Daily Bulletin
Thursday, March 22, 2018
“A” Day

• Menu for Today: Lunch: Creamed Chicken or Pork Tenderloin on a Bun Sandwich: Classic Salad: Smoked Turkey & American

• Menu for Tomorrow: Breakfast: Egg & Cheese Breakfast Burrito Lunch: Hot Dog or Chili Cheese Dog or A+ Cheese Pizza or Chicken Alfredo with Penne Sandwich: Turkey & American Salad: Baja Chicken

• As a Redbird student we want you to be ok when others are not ok. Every day people make bad decisions because they follow the wrong crowd. At Norris we want you to think for yourself and make decisions to be productive and lead in a positive way. Be a Redbird Student, make a difference today!

• Problem of the Week: Is it possible to measure exactly 4 liters of water using a faucet, one 3-liter beaker and one 5-liter beaker?

• The Word of the Week is summarize which means to give a brief statement of the main points. Sentence 1: When reading a textbook, it helps if you stop often and summarize what you just read. Synonyms are recap, sum up, or condense. The Antonyms are lengthen and detail. Sentence 2: When you write a summary, leave out specific details and include only the main points.

• We are excited to announce the end of year 8th Grade Celebration Trip to Fun Plex. The trip will take place on Wednesday, May 23rd from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Students will be able to take advantage of rides, games, and snacks during their time at Fun Plex. The cost will be $15. More info to come, including permission forms and requirements for attending. Mark your calendars!

• Any student interested in joining or finding out about Partnership 4 Kids please come to the main office for a packet. Students that join now and stay in the program through High School are eligible for up to $20,000 in scholarship funds. Field Trips, Mentors and Goal Setting are a part of the program. Partnership 4 Kids meets after school twice a month.

• If you are attending North High School next year and are interested in being a Cheerleader, please stop the main office here at Norris to get a packet for information.

• If you are attending Benson High School and would like to be a Benson Cheerleader, there is a mandatory parent meeting on March 26th or March 27th at 5:30 at Benson High School. Get a flyer in the Norris main office.

• There is a No Place for Hate meeting on Friday during Redbird block in the cafeteria. See you there!

Success, Achievement, and Respect
It’s a Redbird Thing

20 - First Quarter Ends
23 - Second Quarter Begins

2 - Conferences (12:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.)
3 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
22 - No School (Teacher Inservice)
23-24 No School (Thanksgiving Recess)

22 - Second Quarter Ends
25 - Winter Recess Begins

5 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
9 - Third Quarter Begins
15 - No School (Martin Luther King Day)

15 - Conferences
16 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
19 - No School (Presidents' Day)

9 - Third Quarter Ends
12-16 No School (Spring Recess)
19 - Fourth Quarter Begins

13 - No School (Teacher Work Day)

4 - No School (Professional Development)
25 - Fourth Quarter Ends/Last Student Day

4-29 Summer School


Norris School Improvement Plan

George W. Norris Middle School believes that all children can learn.  We promote high expectations, academic excellence and personal growth and responsibility while continually striving for a safe learning environment for students, staff and community.

Success, achievement, respect.  It's a Redbird thing!

Schoolwide Goal: To achieve positive growth in student achievement and school climate for all stakeholders.

Goal Area:
1) English Language Arts
2) Math
3) Science
4) Student and Staff Culture
5) Clear and Compelling Direction
6) Wellness

1. English Language Arts
Focus Skills: Vocabulary and Comprehension
Measurable Objective: Students will apply skills and strategies to be active, purposeful, thoughtful, and competent readers, writers, listeners, and speakers across the content areas as evidenced by multiple data points.

2. Math
Focus Skills: Number Sense
Measurable Objective: Increase the number of students meeting or exceeding MAP growth and proficiency goals by 3% and decrease the achievement gap in subgroups by 3%.

3. Science
Focus Skill: Inquiry
Measurable Objective: Increase the number of students meeting or exceeding MAP growth and proficiency goals by 3% and decrease the achievement gap in subgroups by 3%.

4. Student and Staff Culture
Focus Skill: Positive and Staff Interactions
Measurable Objective: Increase positive student and staff interactions along with instructional time as measured by School Climate Survey, School Referral Data, School BIST data, and Positive Behavior Recognition Data.

5. Clear and Compelling Direction
Focus Skill: Core Beliefs and Values
Measurable Objective: All stakeholders will engage in a systemic and comprehensive process to establish and communicate a shared commitment to core beliefs, core values, vision, and mission to ensure every student success which includes meeting the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of each student.

6. Wellness
Focus Skills: Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Physical Activity
Measurable Objective: Increase nutrition education on a school-wide level as well as incorporate team building and wellness activities on a weekly basis.


School and community events that take place at Norris Middle School can be found on our building calendar.

2017-2018 Bulding Calendar

Please check the Daily Announcements tab for Activities for the Week.

Families and Athletic Spectators

The start time for all OPS Middle School Athletic Events are 3:30 pm. We ask that all parents, families, and friends support their athlete from the bleacher area reserved for spectators. The cost of admission for OPS Middle School contests is $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for school aged children. OPS Sponsored Tournaments are $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for school aged children. Thank you for your support for Redbird Athletics.


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