Technology Support

VILS Instructional Facilitator and iPad Coach

Sara Newman


Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Make sure your data is turned on.
    1. Open the settings app
    2. Click on Cellular Data on the left
    3. Make sure the switch is green, if not, toggle it so it is green.
    4. If you still cannot join the meeting, move on to #2

  2. Check the time.
    1. Has your class started yet?
    2. If you are late to class, check the chat. Has your class ended early for some reason?
    3. If your class has started and is still in session, move on to #3

  3. Send your teacher an email or type in the chat.
    1. Your teacher can send you a join link. Click on the link to join the class.
    2. If the join link does not work, move on to #4

  4. Clear Teams App Data
    1. Open Settings
    2. Scroll down on left side to Teams
    3. Toggle Switch to green next to Clear App Data
    4. Double-Click on home button and swipe up to close all apps
    5. Open Teams and Join class
    6. If you are not able to join, move on to #5

  5. Log Out of Teams and Log Back In
    1. Open Teams
    2. Click the three lines in the top left
    3. Click Settings
    4. Scroll down and click log out
    5. Clear Teams App Data (directions are above)
    6. Log back into Teams and Join class
    7. If you are not able to join, move on to #6

  6. Restart iPad
    1. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds
    2. Swipe across where it says, “Slide to Power Off”
    3. Wait 20 seconds
    4. Press and hold on the power button until you see the Apple.
    5. Open Teams and Join class
    6. If you are not able to join, move on to #7

  7. Turn off Data and Turn it Back On
    1. Open the Settings app
    2. On the left, click on Cellular data
    3. Toggle the switch on the right off and then on again
    4. The switch will be Green when it is on.
    5. Open Teams and Join class.

If you are still not able to connect, please fill out this form