2020-2021 Athletics

Norris Athletics will begin Season 3 Skill Development Sessions. We have availability for 30 participants in Skill Development for Girls Basketball with Coach Armstrong and Coach Rechkemmer, and availability for 30 participants in Conditioning with Coach Lewis and Coach Knutson. Skill Sessions will be every Tuesday and Thursday until March 5th.

We are also excited to announce that Season 4 Athletics will have a regular season and will include competitions vs. all OPS Middle Schools. We will have tryouts for Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, and Track and Field following Spring Recess. The Coaches for Season 4 Athletics are Coach Silva, Coach Kohlhaas, and Coach Langabee for Boys Soccer. Coach Maddock, Coach Heybrock, and Coach Parks for Girls Soccer, and Coach Knutson, Coach Reid, Coach Lewis, and Coach Schumacher for Track and Field.

To be eligible for Season 3 and 4 Athletics you must receive a white card from the main office. You need to have a current physical and a middle level contract/concussion injury form on file to receive your white card. More information will be provided with season information and covid-19 precautions