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Attendance/Asistencia: 531-299-7896 

Main Office/Oficina Principal: 531-299-2500 
Fax: 531-299-2518

If calling before 7:00 A.M., please dial 531-299-8318.

Si llama antes de las 7:00 am, por favor marque el 531-299-8318.


OPS has instituted the first OPS SAFE Schools Hotline to provide an additional layer of support to our students and families.  

 ·      OPS SAFE Schools Hotline  -  (531) 299-SAFE (7233)

·       Free/Anonymous/Available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

·       Callers will speak with a trained Boys Town National Hotline counselor for help with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, bullying, relationship issues, violence or to report a concern.

4 - No School (Professional Development)
24 - Last Student Day

4-29 Summer School


Dear Norris Families,
I am pleased to share with you that renovation work continues to be on schedule and is set to be completed in August 2018. We are looking forward to starting the 2018-2019 school year in our newly renovated school. The purpose of this letter is to share information with you the work yet to be done and how it may impact your family.

In order to begin work on the final phase of the project, OPS District Operations staff need to move classrooms out of the portables and into the building, the library from its temporary location into its new space and remove kitchen equipment. The move will need to take place immediately after the close of the 2017-2018 school year.

The OPS Operations Department is scheduled to begin moving furniture and boxes and begin demolition of the kitchen on Friday, May 25.

To allow teachers the time they need to pack up their classrooms in preparation for the move, students' last day for second semester wilt be Thursday, May 24 — one day earlier than other OPS schools. Norris' calendar will be adjusted accordingly. Students will take finals the week of May 14 and May 21 and teachers will work with students to ensure all summative work is completed by May 24. We ask that you remind students to bring home all personal items on their final day. We wanted to let you know this information early, so families can make alternate arrangements for students, if needed.

Students' classroom assignments will be included in the back-to-school letter that should arrive at your home a week prior to the start of the new school year. Classes will resume on Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 7:40 a.m. Students may be dropped-off and picked-up on Marinda Street once school resumes.
I would like to take this time to thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the renovation process. if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me (531) 299-2500.
Carrie Mohr, Principal


Estimadas familias de Norris:
Me complace compartir con ustedes que el trabajo de renovación continúa a tiempo y que se completará en agosto de 2018. Estamos ansiosos por comenzar el año escolar 2018-2019 en nuestra escuela recientemente renovada. El propósito de esta carta es compartir información con usted sobre el trabajo pendiente y cómo puede afectar a su familia.
Para comenzar a trabajar en la fase final del proyecto, el personal de operaciones del distrito de OPS necesita trasladar aulas portables al edificio, mover la biblioteca de su ubicación temporal a su nuevo espacio y retirar el equipo de cocina. La mudanza tendrá que realizarse inmediatamente después del cierre del año escolar 2017-2018.

El Departamento de Operaciones de OPS está programado para comenzar a mover muebles y cajas y comenzar la demolición de la cocina el viernes 25 de mayo.

Para permitirles a los maestros el tiempo que necesitan para empacar y prepararse para la mudanza, el último día de los estudiantes para el segundo semestre será el jueves 24 de mayo, un día antes que otras escuelas de OPS. El calendario de Norris se ajustará en consecuencia. Los estudiantes tomarán las finales la semana del 14 de mayo y el 21 de mayo y los maestros trabajarán con los estudiantes para asegurar que todo el trabajo se complete el 24 de mayo. Les pedimos que recuerden a los alumnos que lleven a casa todos los artículos personales en su último día. Queremos hacerle saber esta información lo antes posible para que las familias puedan hacer arreglos alternativos para los estudiantes, si es necesario.

Las tareas de los estudiantes se incluirán en la carta de regreso a la escuela que debe llegar a su hogar una semana antes del inicio del nuevo año escolar. Las clases se reanudarán el miércoles, 15 de agosto a las 7:40 a.m. Los estudiantes pueden ser dejados y recogidos en la calle Marinda una vez que se reanude la escuela.
Me gustaría aprovechar este momento para agradecerle su paciencia y comprensión durante todo el proceso de renovación. Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en llamarme al (531) 299-2500.

Dra. Carrie Mohr, Directora
Escuela Secundaria Norris


Breakfast is served in the cafeteria 7:00-7:32
Halls open to lockers 7:32

Block 6th 7th 8th
1/2 Block 7:40-9:12 7:40-9:12 7:40-9:06
Redbird Block 9:17-9:46 9:17-9:46 9:11-9:40
3/4 Block 9:51-11:57
9:51-11:20 9:45-11:14
5/6 Block 12:01-1:36 11:25-1:36
7/8 Block 1:41-3:05 1:41-3:05 1:35-3:05


P.E./Music Schedule

Block 1/2 7:40-8:25 8:27-9:12
Block 3/4 9:50-10:30 10:35-11:15 (8th)
Block 5/6 11:25-12:10 12:12-12:59
Block 7/8 1:35-2:20 2:22-3:05


George W. Norris
Daily Bulletin
Monday, May 21, 2018
“A” Day

• Menu for Today: Lunch: Mini Corn Dogs or Hamburger or Cheeseburger on a Bun Sandwich: Turkey Deli Salad: Diced Egg & American Cheese

• Menu for Tomorrow: Breakfast: Glazed Raised Donut Lunch: Soft Shell Beef Taco or Pork Tenderloin on a Bun or A+ Cheese Pizza Sandwich: Smoked Turkey & Mozzarella Salad: Baja Chicken

• The Word of the Week is Probability: which means the likelihood that an event will happen. Sentence 1: There is a slight probability of snow in February. Synonyms are chances and likelihood. Antonyms are doubtful, unlikely, and questionable. Sentence 2: If Saul is in the hallway after the bell, the probability of him getting caught in a hall sweep is high.

• Attention students attending the 8th Grade Celebration: Bus assignments are now posted in the cafeteria. Check out your bus at lunch. On Wednesday, May 23rd you will be dismissed from class at 2:10 to go board the buses. Take all your belongings with you. We will be at Fun Plex from 2:30-4:30, and then return to school. If you are eligible for transportation, you will ride the late bus home. Otherwise, please have your ride at Norris by 5:00. Please dress comfortably, the weather will be warm. You will receive a coupon for food/drinks as well as game tokens, but you may bring extra money if you like. See Dr. Mohr with questions.

• Redbird Students!! Please be advised that beginning Today you will no longer be allowed to carry backpacks. Please bring only a writing utensil and agenda. Students who bring their backpacks will be required to hand them into their administrator as soon as they enter the school. Again, beginning today please keep your backpack at home. Thanks for being responsible and help to keep Norris safe. Go Redbirds!!!

• Student Council will be meeting tomorrow after school in room 218. See you there!

Success, Achievement, and Respect
It’s a Redbird Thing

Beginning May 2nd, the breezeway sidewalk and sidewalk leading up to the breezeway will be closed. Students will be directed to use the hallway by the main office. Again, the breezeway sidewalk will be closed. Please begin using the hallway by the main office to access the other side of the building. Teachers and staff will be on hand to help.

Norris School Improvement Plan

George W. Norris Middle School believes that all children can learn.  We promote high expectations, academic excellence and personal growth and responsibility while continually striving for a safe learning environment for students, staff and community.

Success, achievement, respect.  It's a Redbird thing!

Schoolwide Goal: To achieve positive growth in student achievement and school climate for all stakeholders.

Goal Area:
1) English Language Arts
2) Math
3) Science
4) Student and Staff Culture
5) Clear and Compelling Direction
6) Wellness

1. English Language Arts
Focus Skills: Vocabulary and Comprehension
Measurable Objective: Students will apply skills and strategies to be active, purposeful, thoughtful, and competent readers, writers, listeners, and speakers across the content areas as evidenced by multiple data points.

2. Math
Focus Skills: Number Sense
Measurable Objective: Increase the number of students meeting or exceeding MAP growth and proficiency goals by 3% and decrease the achievement gap in subgroups by 3%.

3. Science
Focus Skill: Inquiry
Measurable Objective: Increase the number of students meeting or exceeding MAP growth and proficiency goals by 3% and decrease the achievement gap in subgroups by 3%.

4. Student and Staff Culture
Focus Skill: Positive and Staff Interactions
Measurable Objective: Increase positive student and staff interactions along with instructional time as measured by School Climate Survey, School Referral Data, School BIST data, and Positive Behavior Recognition Data.

5. Clear and Compelling Direction
Focus Skill: Core Beliefs and Values
Measurable Objective: All stakeholders will engage in a systemic and comprehensive process to establish and communicate a shared commitment to core beliefs, core values, vision, and mission to ensure every student success which includes meeting the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of each student.

6. Wellness
Focus Skills: Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Physical Activity
Measurable Objective: Increase nutrition education on a school-wide level as well as incorporate team building and wellness activities on a weekly basis.


School and community events that take place at Norris Middle School can be found on our building calendar.

2017-2018 Bulding Calendar

Please check the Daily Announcements tab for Activities for the Week.

Families and Athletic Spectators

The start time for all OPS Middle School Athletic Events are 3:30 pm. We ask that all parents, families, and friends support their athlete from the bleacher area reserved for spectators.

The cost of admission for OPS Middle School contests is $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for school aged children. OPS Sponsored Tournaments are $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for school aged children. Thank you for your support for Redbird Athletics.


Norris Middle School

Norris Middle School
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