Grades for students enrolled in the Omaha Public Schools (OPS) are based on achievement of District-wide/State content standards, which specify what students should know and be able to do. Standards are the same across schools and classrooms for the same courses in the Omaha Public Schools. These grading practices are intended to ensure students have the knowledge and skills necessary for the next level of a course, the next grade or readiness for college or the workforce.

Purpose and Intended Use:
Standardized grading practices provide specific, clear learning goals for students, parents, teachers and administrators of what a student must know and be able to do to master the content of a course. They allow teachers to be consistent with common best practices from grading based on educational research. Most importantly, standardized grading practices provide tremendous clarity for students and families as to what the grading criteria and expectations are between and amongst teachers, courses, and schools in OPS.

Grading Information:
Secondary Grading Brochure 2017
Secondary Grading Brochure Español 2017

Grading Parent Flyer 2017

Grading Parent Flyer Español  2017

Parent Letter 2017
Parent Letter Español 2017