Cooperative Arts Team

Welcome to Cooperative Arts!


 Vocal Music/Team Leader - Mr. Russell

ACP - Ms. Parker
Art - Mrs. Boyer
Art - Ms. Faris
BSP - Mrs. Westbrook
Careers -
Computer Apps - Ms. Donovan
Computer Apps - Mrs. Piña
Gifted Facilitator/HSP - Ms. Jacobberger
Guitar - Mr. Kress
Human Growth & Development - Mrs. Armstrong
Human Growth & Development - Mrs. Bowzer
Instrumental Music - Mrs. Borjon
Instrumental Music - Mr. Walker
Library/Media - Ms. Wakefield
Orchestra/Strings -
PE Boys - Mr. Hammond
PE Boys - Mr. White
PE Girls - Ms. Bressman
PE Girls - Ms. Koca
Reading Skills B - Mr. Kennedy
Spanish for Spanish Speakers - Mr. Degbe
Tech & Living - Mrs. McDonnell

Students must bring the following to every class:
A book to read

Being on time means the student is in his or her classroom when the bell rings.